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An open source independence project.

Open ARM is an adaptive DIY modular set of controllers for mobile and desktop devices.

Modern devices give us great power, but for some people they can be very hard to use.
 But thanks to the assistive systems embedded in almost every device, people with disabilities can easily navigate the system.

The only thing they need is a controller.

OpenARM benefits

  1. INEXPENSIVE - Made with makers tools such as 3D printing and open source electronics, the OpenARM project is more affordable compared to the solutions on the market.
  2. CUSTOMIZABLE - Being an open source project, the OpenARM project gives people the possibility to customize an existing controller to better fit specific needs for different disabilities.
  3. SUPPORTED - Thanks to the growing makers community the OpenARM project has the potential to become a platform for developing more affordable and customizable accessibility solutions.
OpenARM Brain

OpenARM Brain

This is the brain that allows you to connect all your inputs to be used as controlling devices.


Touch Controller

The Touch Controller is a one piece controller equipped with two touch buttons that don’t require any pressure to be activated. This controller is better suited for people with severely reduced mobility in one of the arms or with not enough strength in their hands.


More to come soon

More controllers made by the community are on their way. If you have any request or want any information feel free to contact me.

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